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Laser Cutting
and Bending TRUMPF Technology

Colplat Ingeniería SAS uses high technology in its manufacturing processes.  Our sections of laser cutting, and bending were developed with German machinery and technology offered by TRUMPF.  We’re always available for our customers to respond to their requirements with a guarantee of quality.

Section of Laser Cutting – TRUMPF Technology

In the section of Laser Cutting, our German technology TRUMPF machine guarantees more precision and excellent finishes with burr-free cuts, which allows us to make pieces with different shapes, calibers, and sizes.

Laser cutting technology for metal sheets: Laser cutting is a fast and silent process.  The TRUDISK solid state laser is energy efficient and offers an economic point of entry when  compared  to other kinds of machinery. It also ensures that cut pieces have higher quality standards.

Bending Section TRUMPF Technology

In the bending section, we have the German TRUMPF brand machine that stands out because of the elevation, quality, and flexibility of the pieces. Its 3D graphic visualization makes it possible to bend steel up to 6 mm thick and 3 meters long. This machine has a variety of original punches and arrays that allow us to manufacture many types of bending.


Shear Cutting

We also offer our shear cutting service that allows us to economically cut your metal sheets according to the requirements of the measure and up to 6 mm of regular steel and up to 3 mm of inox steel and up to 6 mm of aluminum, all of them with a 3-meter-long format.