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Colplat Services

Furniture Design, Manufacturing and Assembly

Supported by our Research and Development Department (R&D), we are focused on designing, manufacturing, and assembling your furniture made of metal, wood or a different combination of them and other materials according to the project’s requirements.

The Store Design is a part of the furniture creation for displaying products and interior design as well. The development of it is made according to the needs of our customers with a focus on showcasing the aesthetics and functionality of the products.

Impact combinations

We mix different types of materials like steel, wood, acrylic, ceramic, glass, and mirrors among others, to achieve attractive styles in line with the corporate image, generating high impact of the product presentation to customers.

Our work focuses on the corporate identity manual of every company where the brand essence is important when determining the design.

Our main characteristic in furniture design is to focus on the best use of the space with modulated choices that allow for manufacturing cost reductions and quick maintenance times.